Thursday, November 3, 2011

More on the Lil Farm in the Woods

The General

This is the first egg delivered this morning.  That is a shiny quarter sitting next to the egg for size comparison.  It will take 3 to make a breakfast.  

"Little Lady
And so here is "The General" who voices opinions at the crack of dawn.....saying good morning to the world because it is the beginning of another glorious day.  He counts his girls, and reminds them of who is boss in the Hen Taj.
 Well, all except "Sunshine" who is her own boss.  He still can't figure that one out.  The General tried to be boss of me one day, and I took my point finger, made circles around his beak, (he followed my finger and made the circular movement with his head) and then I tapped him gently on his beak.  He hasn't challenged me since.  Chicken body language? 

The General and The Little Lady are a pair....however I doubt they know that.


Then there is "Sunshine, the friendliest of the flock.  Since she was a baby chick in the Victorian bath tub, she wanted to be handled.  She really was my teacher on handling chicks for the first time in my life.  She let me know all sorts of things which are probably pretty basic for those who have or have had chickens.  The trick is to reach in, or walk around them so that they don't get all excited and flutter their wings.  Keep calm, and they will too.

She is so friendly that when you sit down, she will be in your lap in seconds.  She doesn't think twice about flying and landing on your shoulder, settle in and nest there for as long as you sit.  Some visitors have had the distinct privilege of her landing on their that's a sight.  Silly bird. 

Nighty & Night"

Next I have the twins "Nighty" and  "Night."  So why put two photos up when they are duplicates.  These girls are huge, and are going to be bigger yet. The Giant Black Jerseys take 6 months to reach full size.  (two more months to go.) I sure hope my nesting boxes are big enough for them.   I'll get nice brown eggs from these girls.


This is Dinky, the little Silver Laced Sebright Bantam Hen.  She is the tinniest little bird.  She is finally getting brave and eating out of my hand (it's taken me 4 months for her to relax) which is a good thing.  They are known to be friendly but shy birds.  


 Ruffles,  is a Bantam "Easter" Hen that lays blue and green eggs, sometimes pink....Easter is going to be big fun in 2012.   A shy but friendly little girl that looks like she has ruffles for side burns.  Silly looking little thing.  She is Dinky's friend as they are both low on the "pecking order."

All of their attitudes are changing now that they are 4 months old.  It must be the teenage time for hens.  In another two months they should start laying eggs.  Maybe that has something to do with the change in ya think?    Their "Boc Boc's" sound different, and their voices are more demanding, the pecking order is more apparent, they are a bit on the testy side, their more apt to do a little peck on the ones head if one gets in the way.  The not so shy ones are still not shy, and the shy ones are becoming more friendly.  Even The General lets me pet him.  Once he landed on my shoulder and let out that big sound as only rosters can.  Well, that's not true.  My grand daughter (age 5) mimicked The General, and he immediately gathered all the hens and they ran for cover inside  the Hen Taj.  When chickens run, they lope from side to side....The two of us started to giggle so hard, that neither one of us could stop.