Saturday, January 7, 2012

Bell hallow has added a new member to the American Indian Dog from Song Dog Kennels in Selma, Oregon.  Kim Laflamme has been bringing these dogs out of extinction for over 45 years.  They are an amazing primitive mutt that was used by our native peoples to hunt, watch over the young children and elders.  They pulled travois,  protected the family and was their trusted pet.   To learn more about these amazing canines go to  These dogs are not for everyone, but if they fit your life style and you can be the alpha pack member, they are truly a treasure.  They are loyal, inquisitive, intuitive, creative, thinking dogs.  Those of us that have them often think of them as "medicine dogs."  They just seem to know what's on your mind.  Today they  work in search and rescue, therapy, and numerous other activities.  They have become Frisbee champs, agility champs, and are clocked in the top 4 fastest canine  runners. 
 Here is a photo of "Tolinka Two Moon," my first American Indian Dog.  He is now two years old and full of adventure.  They are wonderful hiking, camping, and personal companions.

TOLINKA means flapping ears of a coyote.  TWO MOON is in his name because of his piercing golden eyes.

 They are about the same size as a boarder Collie.

CHARLIE TWO STEP......9 weeks old
May I introduce Charlie Two Step.....  He has learned so much in the few days I have had him.....navigates stairs, retrieves the ball, responds to his name, sits on command, and is a total foodie.  Training him is going to be real interesting and tons of WILL do anything for it.  Two Step was named so by my grand daughter and fits him to a "T."  So Welcome Two Step.  So glad to have you here.

Tolinka at 3 months

Two Step at 3 months
Here are Tolinka and Two Step at the same age.  The subtle differences they display as pups will probably change drastically as Two Step matures. 

Getting to know Boo Two, the one eyed cat.
 Here, Two Step is meeting Boo Two and, thankfully, being respectful.  BUT just for good measure, Boo Two did take a gentle swipe at Two Step after this photo was shot.

Now Two Step is a year old....all grown up.  He has been dubbed "Side Wall" because he is usually at my side.

  He has been given the fine nick name of "Clown Dog" ....... because he is IS........